Bringing people together in todays world is a hard thing to do. Bringing people together for a cause dear to Christ has a purpose that will not be denied.

Christ told us that He would not leave us as orphans. We know He was speaking about those who would accept Him as Lord and Savior. We know Christ Jesus was saying He would not abandon us. I believe there is also a physical application to this scripture. John 14:18 became an anthem as we encountered the children in Haiti who did not have a mother or father to watch after them. Obviously... Christ can respond any way He sees fit. We believe that most of the time He is looking for His children to take care of His children. He is looking for vessels of honor to be willing vessels to carry His love, His care, and His message. Our response has been to go and support, build, and help these precious children. Sheila and I cannot do it by ourselves, our church can't even accomplish all that we see that needs to be tended to. It takes teams of people, over and over and over, going to Haiti and helping these God's children.

June was another great trip to Haiti. Another great trip in a line of 13 in a row, where teams have sacrificed to go, sacrificed while there, caught the vision, and have helped continue the work Project 1418 is doing. Our June Haiti trip consisted of people from three different churches, coming together in unity, to advance the construction on The Farm. This trip we hand dug a 12x12x12 septic tank. We and the Haitian men, who did much more than us. Mitchell and Leah came from the Meeting Place in Fairview. Mitchell and Leah are young, full of energy, musically gifted, and have a great love for the Lord. They found inspiration in seeing what had been accomplished, the need, and what will be. Rachel and Aiden came with us by way of South Carolina. Rachel worked hard, and sought information to understand the why behind our actions. Aiden, our lone youth, was full of hilarious jokes and was plenty of help with the construction process. Jake and Jenny were on their 6th trip and have become the ones who see what needs to happen before we get there. Jake preached for his first time in Haiti, he did a fantastic job presenting God's Word. They have an incredible work ethic, and both love the country and the Haitian people. Sarah was on her second trip and was able to preach one night in an open air meeting and she had a very powerful altar call. Each of the three nights in Caye, we had church services and each of the three nights, we were able to see men and women give their lives to Christ. We prayed for healings and provision. We know God answered our prayers.

A group of people, from different churches, different states, coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I do not know if it gets any better than that right there.

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