The Farm

The Farm

As we embark on the trip that hopefully will put the finishing touches on “The Farm” I can’t help but be nostalgic. Thinking back, I remember the first time we visited the property where we’re building The Farm. Our friends, Pastor Kenol and Pastor Pollas, took us out to the most beautiful piece of land. It sat in the middle of a cow pasture off a dirt road. Our team walked that ground and poured prayer into that place, believing one day there would be a home on those grounds. This home would house the street children in the area that Pastor Kenol and Pastor Pollas’s church have been supporting the best way they could. Most of the children lost their parents in the earthquake.

Since that day in 2013, we have made multiple trips, with multiple teams. These teams have hauled rock, poured and mixed concrete by hand, dug 20 pound rocks out of the soil by hand, laid block, swept floors, pumped water, shoveled dirt, hauled block, played with the children, worked alongside the Haitians, and walked and prayed over every inch of that property.

One of the invaluable collaborations on this endeavor has been partnering with Jeff Gregory and his organization, “Reaching 360”. This ministry is solely dedicated to reaching the unreached. They came in, caught the vision of what we were doing, dug a water well onsite, and have worked tirelessly to see this dream come true. We could not have done this project and completed it by now without the help of Reaching 360. We are forever grateful for them, and I know some children who will be eternally appreciating their hard work.

We had a minor setback last year with the hurricane hitting Les Cayes and destroying some of our hard work, but we bounced back. And now, we are headed back to our beloved Farm. The wall is built around the compound, and the building is complete. We’re ready to put a permanent roof over these children’s heads, consistent food in their bellies, a Christian education for their foundation, and constant love from the caregivers who will be stationed there.

Please be praying for our team. Watch this space for more information on how you can bridge with one of these children, as we will have new pictures and bios on them soon. We want you to get to know them, so they will know they have a family in America who is praying for them and believing for nothing but greatness for their futures!