Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled

Not every journey is traveled on the quickest route. Five years ago, Sheila and I had realized an intense desire in our hearts to do more than visit parentless kids in Haiti. We absolutely fell in love with the children each time we went there, and even thought at one point about adopting a child. We prayed and asked the Lord to let us be in full agreement on adoption, even which child He wanted us to have. As we returned on our next trip to Haiti, we visited one of the children’s homes we worked with. I fully believed God was going to show us the child we would adopt into our family.

Then nothing happened…nada…zilch…the big null set.

You know that moment you realize you’re on a road headed somewhere, but it isn’t the road you were supposed to be traveling. We felt lost for a moment, but knew that God always has His best for us.

We were certainly saddened by the thought of not adopting, but the leading of the Lord was definitely keeping us from binding our hearts with one of the children. We were bummed.

We submitted to the silence and did what we had counseled so many others to do… when you do not hear the Lord, keep doing the last right thing you have been doing. We continued to do what we had been doing. We continued to pray, we continued to extend the love of our Heavenly Father, and we continued to go to the parts of Haiti that were less traveled. The desire became more intense, but the answer had not changed.

Fast forward a year or so, and Sheila and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville, coffee in hand, resting in the moment of other people’s hustle. The Lord began to speak. He began to give a vision of affecting more than one child’s life. He gave us a vision to connect others who might not be able to adopt- yet had a desire to help and connect with orphaned children on a more personal basis. He was giving us a mission to help with something more than simply sending a check each month. We wrote down the dream and vision on a coffeehouse napkin!

Project 14:18 was born.

This was a road different than other child sponsorship opportunities; a path to connect people who wanted to help Haiti’s children. God had given us a ministry vision to help bridge Haiti’s children with her future. He gave us a vision to connect, mentor, show love. A mission to help with food, school, and health care for the children of Haiti. He gave us a road different than adoption, a way that helps with the physical needs and a way to be involved in the lives of the children. The Lord gave us a road less traveled that accomplishes love and nurture for His children.

Yes, we have had some bumps in the road that we did not intend as we have gotten this ministry off the ground. Sheila and I are committed to finishing the dream God gave us. Changes, progress, new partnerships are coming. We are preparing new opportunities for children to be loved and cared for in Haiti.

Watch for our upcoming blog posts that tell more of the story of this ministry, and how you can help children who have lost their parents.

We are currently preparing updates on The Farm and we will post them soon!