Go Forward...

Go Forward...

Jack and I spent many days in our favorite coffee house dreaming about what this ministry would look like. We would carry our napkin with our notes on it, because we knew eventually the conversation would turn, as usual, to the subject of helping children.

We had planned and prepared as far as we could go before taking this thing public and telling others about it. Do you want to know what happened next? I began to doubt. I’m just being very honest. I started having thoughts of, “How will we ever make a significant difference?”, and others like, “What were we thinking? We don’t have time for another ministry!” but then the one that topped them all was, “What a stupid idea, you can’t do this, why even try?”

Satan is so predictable. He has nothing new up his sleeve. He always comes in right behind a God-driven idea and is the first to try to kill your dream. That’s what he was about to do with me. I spent several days doubting the future when I went to a women’s conference in Chattanooga. It was at my friend Robin’s church so I knew it was going to be great. I made a deal with God on my trip down there that if He truly wanted us to move forward with this idea then He would give me a “sign” during the conference.

Fast forward to lunch and I realized no one had even said the word “orphan” so I thought, “Hey I think that’s my sign!” and so I decided to give God the rest of the conference to tell me what to do. Don’t tell me you never make deals like this with God!

As we inched toward the end of the conference, there were several women at the altars, as I sat at my seat praying silently, and telling God that I guessed my thoughts of doubt and disbelief were correct because no one said the word “orphan” the entire day! When I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my friend Robin. She simply whispered in my ear these words.... “The Lord told me to tell you, that thing you are questioning Him about, Go Forward.”



Two words…

Go. Forward.

I had my answer. Not at all what I thought in my little finite mind, but God answered me in a way that I could never question again what He wanted us to do.

Go forward, and so we have.

Watch for our upcoming blog posts that tell more of the story of this ministry, and how you can help children who have lost their parents.

We are currently preparing updates on The Farm and we will post them soon!