A Seed in the Field at the Farm

A Seed in the Field at the Farm

We are now actively looking for 36 individuals, couples, or families to become Bridgers with the children who will be moving into this beautiful home known as, “The Farm” in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Please email project1418@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about the application process or visit the Apply page.

The home is almost complete and we are believing in faith the children will be residing there by the end of 2016! This makes the need for Bridgers increasingly paramount.

A Bridger gives $29 per month to help care for their child’s physical needs & spiritual growth. Equally important, a Bridger gives by investing in prayer, sending letters and/or gifts, and even visiting their child annually. The depth of the relationship is up to the Bridger, but we love to see Bridger’s treat their Bridged child as an extension of their family.

We need Bridgers who will sow a seed of faith into a field of hope for these precious little ones. We need Kingdom thinkers, those who understand they are meant to care for orphans as part of their mission here on earth.

We are looking for Bridgers to join hands with us and build a bridge to Haiti’s future through her children.

We are going to raise up some strong, healthy, wise, Godly children here under these arched windows and solid colonnades! God is doing an incredible work and this is only the beginning!

*We will be soft-matching Bridgers with the 36 children we have interviewed, with the honest caveat that until the children move in- things in Haiti can always change. We are hopeful each one of the 36 children will be the children who move into their new home @ the Farm. A firm match will happen once children move in and we know they will be permanently residing there.